Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats
Stadler Fur Bears Real Fur Heirloom Teddy Bears

Heirloom Fur Teddy Bears Made from Your Fur Coat

Heirloom Fur Teddy Bears
14" Bears From $280*, 16" Bears From $295*, & 24" Bears From $335*

We can turn your fur coat or faux fur coat into beaitiful handmade Heirloom Teddy Bears! We create heirloom teddy bears from your fur coat or from your faux fur coat. Teddy bear artist, We can personalize your fur coat teddy bear making it a true family treasure to hand down through generations to come.
*$20 Additional for Fox, Coyote, and Mouton.

Stadler Fur Bears - Make a Gift of a Real Fur Teddy Bears

Give the Gift of a Fur Teddy Bear Available Real Fur Teddy Bears

Select from Our Stock of Fur Bears!

A real fur teddy bear is a gift to be remembered. From the soft and cuddly Northwoods design to our Paws style teddy bear, there's a handmade fur teddy bear just right for you. Our full-featured, real fur teddy bears made from our fur are hand-crafted with quality, attention to detail, and make a lasting treasure. Give the best—Stadler Fur Bears Teddy Bear. See all of our available fur teddy bears.

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three different sizes of Stadler fur teddy bears—14", 16" and our giant 24"Select From Three Sizes - 14", 16" or 24"

One size doesn't always fit all, that's why we make three different sizes of fur teddy bears—14", 16" and our giant 24" teddy bear. That way you can pick which size will be "just right" for your fur teddy bear..

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