Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats

ORDERING HOLD - It's True! We Have Too Many Orders!

Due to an abundance of orders we must temporarily put a hold on future orders. Each bear is lovingly crafted and takes time. We can only create so many, so we have to put a temporary hold on any future orders. I thank you in advance for your patience. Please check back with us in January 2020 (yes, we're that busy!) to be added to the schedule. — Thank you for your understanding, Tonya

Fur Teddy Bears
from Your Fur Coat
14" Bears From $280.00*
16" Bears From $295.00*
24" Bears From $335.00*

Stadler Fur Bears Heirloom Fur Teddy Bears Made from Fur Coats - Persian Lamb

* Add $10 for Fox, Coyote, and Mouton.

"My Mother and Aunt were so delighted today to receive the beautiful bears made of Grandma's coat. What a gift it was for me to give this kind of gift! Thanks for making this dream possible." - V. W. S.

The bears arrived Friday as you said they would and what a wonderful surprise when I opened the box and saw them. The coat my mother wore for 20 years has come alive again. It was in a storage closet for the last 8 years and everyone just forgot about it. I plan to have a dinner for my three girls and their families next weekend to give them their bears-my husband said to expect lots of tears. I know they will cry at first but then smile for many years to come as they look at their bears and think of their gram.

You were wonderful to take the time to put the jewels on the scarves. It made the bears a little more personal.

Thank you again. - M. T.

Heirloom Teddy Bears from Your Fur Coat

Heirloom teddy bears are a great way to convert "grandma's old fur coat" into a family heirloom worthy of passing along for generations to come. Perhaps you have a treasured fur coat that's no longer in style—create a sentimental treasure by letting us make it into an heirloom fur teddy bear. Heirloom bears make great gifts for that special someone in your family. We can even convert fur coats into four or five bears, enough for all the family.

All of Our Heirloom Teddy Bears Feature:

  • German glass eyes
  • Leather nose
  • Leather or ultra suede pads
  • Fully jointed arms, legs and head
  • Fully lined and reinforced with backing for durability

Read more about our dedication to a quality Teddy bear.

Fur Teddy Bear Sizes - 14", 16" or 24"

The size of the fur teddy bear is determined by a number of factors. First is the number of bears you want to make from a single coat. The more bears you want to make the smaller the bears have to be. Second, the size of the bears will depend on the quality of the fur—there may be worn places that can't be used. A third factor is the cut of the fur sections. Once we see the coat we will contact you with a determination of the size and quantity of bears we can make from your furs.

Stadler Fur Teddy Bears come in 3 sizes - 14", 16" or 24"

Personalize Your Heirloom Bear with Your Treasures

To make your heirloom bear even more part of the family we can personalize it by adding a fur collar made from the fur collar of your coat or even give it a tie made from "grandpa's" favorite tie. We can also use the lining of the fur coat for paw pads, feet pads and ears along with incorporating an existing monogram into one of the pads.

Personalizing your heirloom teddy bear will add meaning and sentimental value for years to come and make a good story to pass along to your children and grandchildren.

Personalize Your Teddy Bear Further with:

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