Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats

Your Testimonials & Feedback

We'd like to thank all of our customers for their response and feedback. We've gotten so many great responses that in addition to the ones placed throughout the site we needed to create a page just for them. Again, we thank you for choosing a Stadler Fur Bears Teddy Bear!

I received my bears today! They are beautiful to say the least! The craftsmanship is excellent. My daughters 27th birthday was March 9th so let her pick out which one she wanted today. She picked the one with the pearl pin. Reminded her so much of her grandma that passed away in June that she was so close to. I think I will save the left over fur until my granddaughters are a little older they are only 4 but, they too loved and cuddled with the bears. Thank you so much for the memory that you were able to save and cherish for others to enjoy.—D.S.

I got my bears today and they are wonderful! I put a picture on Facebook and the comments are so cute. Everyone thought it was a great idea and most had not heard about doing this. I've had lots of requests for your name and address. My sister will go nuts when she gets hers....a big surprise!! Thanks again,—K.S.

Shipment arrived on Friday. I am proud to announce that I have become the Gramma of 7 gorgeous bears. Each one is prettier than the other. The minks are to die for and can't believe the Persian lamb turned out so beautiful. You did a superb job! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Mother would be soo proud!—M.

My sister Becky received the 4 bears and 6 headbands today! She has sent pictures of them all lined up on her bed - too cute! They each have their own personality and we love them. She will keep my two bears over the summer while I travel. It is so wonderful our Aunt Maggie's memory will live on and be passed down through generations via these bears. Thank you so much for making them and for getting the most yield from the mink coat. Your workmanship is high quality and both of you were wonderful to work with from start to finish. Sincerely,—R.S. & B.P.

My fur teddy bear has arrived and I love it. The jacket meant a lot to me when my husband give it to me many years ago. Now that I live in Florida, I can enjoy it every day. Thanks. Great job.—C.S.

My husband, our daughter and I have just finished the "Grand Opening of the Stadler Bear Box". We were totally in awe. The bears are adorable. Which style was our favorite? We couldn’t choose. Thank you for turning an old fur coat hanging in the closet into four wonderful treasures and keepsakes for our four granddaughters. Now – if I can only wait until Christmas!!!—L.

The bears are beautiful! When we opened the package, we were both overwhelmed. Thank you so much for the wonderful job. I sent a picture of them to my sisters and said "aren't they cute"? and they sent a note back saying "no, they are gorgeous!" Thank you again. — L.M.

The bears were safely delivered and they are BEAUTIFUL! of course, you knew that, but i wanted to tell you how pleased i am with the workmanship. my sisters will be so surprised when they see them (they may think i've lost my mind too:). in this day of lousy service and crap workmanship from services we pay is truly refreshing to work with a company such as know, one that does what it says it will do:). i love the bears! thank you. — S.W.

I am so thrilled that my bears arrived just now, & they are even better than they looked in the photos. They each have a personality & such sweet little faces. Your work is beautiful, & I thank you sincerely. I wonder what my mother & grandmother would think?? It has been a pleasure doing business with you,take care & happy bear making!!! Warmest regards — J.C.

I just got my bear!!! She is beautiful. I brought her into work to show the girls I work with and they loved it too. I was in the hospital this week and when I got home, who do you think was sitting by my door?!!! You did a wonderful job and it will be a treasure for me for as long as I live. Thank you again. The extra touches were from your heart! — C.

I wanted to let you know how excited I was to receive the box the other day. They are just perfect. Believe me, If anyone needs to have a recommendation about your work, you may steer them my way. Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you for preserving a memory of my mom. Thank you — R.W.

I just want to let you know that my son's bear arrived last evening and we could not be more pleased with him (the bear). Often, things ordered on the internet disappoint when they arrive. But, the quality and detail of your bears not only met our expectations but exceeded them. Thank you — J.C.

UPS just delivered my teddy bear and I couldn't wait to open the box. What a wonderful surprise. I absolutely fell in love with my bear the minute I saw it. The workmanship is perfect.

Thank you for being so friendly and courteous when I called. After I placed my order, thank you for your prompt handling. I am already thinking of a second bear and will check your website after the holidays to see what might be available. I would not hesitate to recommend Stadler Fur Bears to anyone interested in teddy bears. — G.H.

I just opened the bear and it is so far beyond what I excepted!! I cried when I saw her. Doris, the name I just gave her, is beautiful. The bear brings back so many memories of my mother-in-law wearing this mink coat to every ski meet, hockey game, football game for my husband and our children. As you saw the coat was well worn. She was the only one in the crowd wearing mink, but we did not care, she never missed a game. Thank you so much for creating such a lovely memento for us. I just can't wait to have my husband come home and see her. Thank you so much .— G.H.

The bears arrived on Wednesday, in plenty of time for Saturday. I am very happy with the work you did. Once I saw the pink ribbon on the smaller bear and the scarf with the perfect pin on the larger bear I knew I had to give both to Mom as a "Mother-Daughter" bear set.

I've been successful before in surprising Mom, but never with such absolute delight and wonder! She couldn't believe that it was possible - the old mink stole of her mother's that I'd asked for was there, in her arms, soft and wonderful! She immediately cleared a shelf in her family room to display them, and told her young dog to "leave it". She also told the dog he had been replaced by two bears! Please accept my gratitude for completing this job in time for Mom's 75th. You made it much more special than it would have otherwise been. Many thanks. — G.

The bears arrived yesterday, safe and sound and beautiful. The "brooch" on the bear with the monogram is a perfect adornment and really dresses her up. I like the eyeglasses so much I wish we had put glasses on the third bear also. Thank you so much for finishing them so quickly, we will be able to take one to our daughter when we visit her. Rest assured we will show everyone we know and will tell them all about your work. Thanks again.  — G.N.

Fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The teddy bear you made from Mom's fur is just wonderful, down to the very last details. The moment my husband and I opened the package we were thrilled with your creation. My sister L. can't wait to see it. She and I are very excited to present this heirloom treasure to our sister B. within the coming weeks when we all get together. In a heartbeat we'll send business your way whenever possible. Your artistry is a gift to us all. Well done, and again, thank you! — J.H.

The bears just came in the door and out of the box.. They are beautiful and exactly what I hoped for. I am so pleased and I'm sure that my sisters will be too when I give them their bears. Instead of having an old fur coat hanging in the closet, not knowing what to do with it, the bears will be a lasting memory of a wonderful mother. Thank you for your talent with fur and bears. Regards — S.M.

Our beautiful little bear arrived today. Again we are so pleased with your work. You are a special gift to many. This new little bear will be going to "R". My Mama will give it to her Mommy at a baby shower on Sunday. Many thanks. — L. and her Mama D.

Just wanted to thank you so much. The bears are beautiful, this weekend is A's birthday I can't wait until I can give her the bear. Thank you again they are more beautiful than I imagined. I will recommend you to anyone who may want to have bears made. Terrific job. Thanks again  — N.

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with my "Miami Sweatshirt" bear; he is beautiful! My Grandmother would have been very proud of the love and attention to detail that you put into your work.

You have revived a wonderful family memory that will live on for generations to come. I can't wait to give this bear; full of personality to my mother, I'm sure she will cry but at the same time be grateful for such a unique gift.

It was really nice working with you, I appreciate your suggestions and I have to say...your artistry and craftsmanship are 2nd to none. Thanks again. — S.H.

I have been meaning to send an e-mail to let you know that I received the bears. They are BEAUTIFUL! Better than I expected. I love the moveable arms, legs and head. I took a few to work and my coworkers were amazed at how well they were made. I would recommend you to anyone who wants custom made fur teddy bears! Thank you so very much for the excellent job you did. I just can't express how happy I am with the end result! — J.F.

The bears just arrived and they are delightful. Even my husband was smiling as he picked each up and gave them a once over...remarking "did you know you were getting this many bears? And what are you going to do with them?" I can't wait for the rest of the family to see them (& to give a few as gifts, although deciding which bear goes and which stays will be most difficult). First thing though will be a bear family portrait! The workmanship and creative use of both furs, along with the linings, shows your passion for what you do. Each of the bears absolutely have their own personality and now what each lack is an appropriate name, which they will get before the week ends. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again. — J.B.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both! "Vicki" arrived and she is so beautiful. You did an excellent job with that ugly mink coat. — S.Z.

Just received my bear. I was so happy - the workmanship and details are fantastic. It was like having my dear grandmother with me once again. She is sitting on a chair in my living room. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. You are most professional. Thank you again  — B.W.

My bears arrived today and they are wonderful. Your attention to detail is great. I'm so glad you thought of putting my mom's initials on each one. That really makes them special and I love the little pins. I think they will be passed down in our family for years to come. I am putting a check in the mail today for the remainder of the bill. I will certainly mention your name if people are looking for someone to make bears. Thanks. — P.S.

The bears arrived today...I am once again impressed with your talent..they are just adorable....I can hardly wait for my sister to see them....we will wait to give them to our daughters for will be hard to wait  Thank you for doing such an amazing job.  Will certainly recommend you to anyone who bear will be on display in my living room!!  Thanks again. — S.

I received our bears yesterday.  They are beyond adorable.  I love, love, love.  I am so pleased with the quality of your workmanship and attention to detail (i.e. the nostrils in the nose).   Now I can enjoy seeing my mink instead of having it covered and stored away in the closet.  Thank you so much. — D.S.

I sent you a note from your website address but wanted to make sure you heard from me regarding the stunning, wonderful bears I received...I can not say enough ---except----"THANK YOU so very much. After the bears came out of the box I immediately looked at the other furs in my closet and thought what beautiful BEARS you coats and jackets could become. I will do some serious thinking regarding my other coats in a couple of months. I love the faces on each bear, they have personalities that make you smile at each one. But holding each bear is a joy, there is a feel to them that is delightful.
Thank you again for your talents, I include your wife also in my Thank You.  — D.N.

The bear arrived yesterday and it is even more adorable than in the photograph. I really knew it was something very special when I gave it to my daughter and her eyes lit up as they used to when she was a little girl. You have given us a beautiful family heirloom which I am certain my daughter will share it with her children when she has them. Thank you for such a wonderful gif. — L.

I received the bears today and they are soooooo cute I can hardly stand it. So… now the million dollar question… do you still have any of the fur left – I would like to order another one.  Thank you again for your efforts to make the bears – I am going to take them to work tomorrow to show them off – I think they are absolutely darling.  I am so lucky to have found your company.
My very best to you both, — L.

Hi I picked up my bears at the post office this morning. They are more than I expected they would be. I can't believe how beautiful they turned out. I guess I had forgotten how dark and how pretty my fur stole was. Thanks so much. I will show them to many people. My son & Daughter-in-law will be coming next week I am sure they will be as pleased as I am. — C. M.

Our bears have arrived at their new home and are WONDERFUL! I'm hanging onto all four for a while; we will be personally delivering them to the grandchildren (don't worry -- they are all in the 40s) who are scattered throughout the Northeast so they will be finding their real homes throughout the spring. The one with the monogram, of course, is for me. Love the "bling" on the scarf! And you are right -- each one is unique and has a different personality. Our bears are a joyous reminder of my mother and will bring a smile and the happiest of memories each time we look at them. Again -- thank you for your artistry! — M. & J.

Yesterday I received the MOST lovely TREASURES, and they nearly brought me to tears they are so wonderful! From the brooches to the original Max Zeller tag on the other bear's cape.  My gosh! I LOVE what you have done. I thank you soooooooo much! Keep doing what you do. You have preserved a memory in a special way, and they even still have the scent of my grandmother. EVERYONE I showed them to are so awed by them.  You made my year! It is absolutely a wonderful gift of love that you provide. All the BEST to you — C. M.

They're here and they are fabulous! I can't thank you enough for making all these adorable bears! They are sure to be a most treasured keepsake for the grandchildren. You are just wonderful! Many thanks!
— C.

I just want to tell you what an absolutely beautiful job you did. I was so surprised and cried with joy. You did a fabulous job with such an old mink and it is just precious. I opened my gift Christmas Eve and brought her to all the parties! Everyone said she is just darling. Thank you so much for all your hard work. She is one of the best gifts I have ever received. — K.M.

I wanted to let you know how thrilled everyone was with the bears from Mom's coats. Needless to say, there were tears, but of shear joy and memories. A friend who owns a monogram machine made bows that said "Grammy" for the granddaughters, for around thier necks, and then we put plain red bows on for my sisters and me - red was mom's favorite color.

Now, how on earth did you make each bear have their own expression?  The day after they arrived and I had the bows on them I lined them up for a photo shoot, and I'd swear they each had a different expression.

I could to go on and on - Thanks just doesn't seem like enough. The eighth bear will go to my daughter's all girls high school auction, as she is a senior this year, so I think it will be a fitting good bye. I will do my best to get a picture to you of the line up. Thanks again, — L.O.

I wanted you to know what a huge hit the bear is. My mom is absolutely thrilled and said it’s the best gift I’ve ever given her. She said whenever she looks at it she thinks of her mom and she thinks of me. What else could you ask for!! All  of her brothers who are still living have seen it, and photos are being sent by email across the country to all the grand kids and great grand kids. My mom has explored the bear in detail and has commented on your attention to detail. What a wonderful heirloom. We can’t wait for the rest of the bear family to arrive. — A.A.

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bear that was made. It looks extraordinary. I know my wife is going to be extremely surprised and happy with the outcome. I also want to thank you and Tonya for the professionalism and courtesy you both displayed anytime I called. It was a true pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again. — D.M.

I truly appreciate your hard work and prompt response. My mom died a little over a year ago, had 4 girls and 3 granddaughters. One of those granddaughters will graduate this year from high school, so we are donating the 8th bear to her school's auction as a memento item to raise funds. I think everyone is lucky to have a remembrance of a special woman, and I thank you all for helping me make that happen.— L.O.

I JUST LOVE THEM - they are so darling and each one has it's own personality! You have made this holiday very special for us! I certainly will pass your name on to others! I also have 2-minks stoles that I will be contacting you next year about and might even have you make a few more of the perian lamb ones. Thanks so much again! Best wishes, J.

Thank you so much. I knew I kept those coats all these years for a reason. Sincerely J.T.

They arrived today! Both are fabulous but the muskrat is exceptional. I love them both! I shall look on your website regularly and keep in touch, I have no doubt I shall see something else!!!!!
All the best, — V.

The bears arrived safely and are adorable! They look like a lovely elderly couple together! Thanks, again, for your , in “Liqueur” folderwork. I appreciate it very much. My mother will be celebrating her 75th birthday on December 7 so I think these will make a perfect gift.  Cheers, — C.B.

The bear is more than I imagined. Thank you for sharing your talents. — L.D.

My bears arrived today!!!! And I was gobsmacked! They are exceptional and much better than the ones I have bought here in Oz. The raccoon one is superb - what a face!!! Thrilled doesn't explain my reaction and they are so well made. I adore them. Can you make me a smaller one (12"?) in muskrat fur? I shall leave design up to you as you obviously know what you are doing!!! Again, you are a genius bear-maker.  Cheers, — V.

I just received my box of bears. They are wonderfully made. I like the different styles I selected. And the bears that have both of the furs I like even more than I thought I would. Thank you again for the beautiful bears you made me. I look at them every day, and they bring a smile to my face and my heart.  I cannot thank you enough. — B.

Our daughter received the box on Thursday, as you said she would, and opened her gift today, her birthday. She had no idea what it would be and said the bear is just “WONDERFUL!!”. She is going to send me a picture, and I will see it in person in November when we visit. I know she is very, very pleased. Thank you again for all your help and willingness to go the “extra mile” in getting it there by her birthday. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. — M.M.

They are OUTSTANDING! Truly adorable - each and every one! We love them all. I have to give three of them to others and I'm having a very difficult time deciding which three I am going to keep! Each one has such a wonderful "personality"! I think my favorite might be one of the little brown bears -- the one with the scarf and the collar! He (or she) really looks like he could be alive! I couldn't be more pleased with the wonderful work you did! If you ever need a recommendation, let me know! I will be passing your web site on to everyone! Thank you again! You did an amazing job!  — J.F.

The bear arrived safely today, in good condition. In fact he has not reached his final destination yet, which is at our granddaughter in Copenhagen. But she is going to have him soon. We like him, and I'm sure she will like him too. I thought you would like to know why we would cause a 16" bear to travel half arround the earth. Thank you very much for all your help and efforts! Please bring our regards to your wife. I will keep you in mind in case we should get another - late arriving - grandchild. All the best — K.R.

I got the Bears when you said I would and they are absolutely delightful and have already had someone ask me for your info Again,Thank You for your fine artistic creativity and workmanship. — G.

Just as you said, the bears arrived today!  I can't believe how individual they are & what different personalities each of them has. I called mom & told her that I would bring them over for her to see & to get a picture of her with them.  I'm working on a digital scrapbook for her 4 great-grandchildren for Christmas - I hope they love them as much as I do.  The book will tell how my father bought the coat for mom before he left for the service in 1943 "to keep her warm while he was gone".

The boy bear with the glasses fits my great-nephew H. perfectly - 'a little studious' The 2 girl bears with the scarves fit my nieces 2 daughters - S. & N. - ' prim & proper' Then of course the girl with the fur collar is for my granddaughter O. - 'silly but sweet' The bears fit perfectly with each child, it's unreal!!
And then what a surprise to see the antique rhinestone buttons on the girls!

It must be very rewarding to do what you love & make so many people happy.  Thank you for helping me make such a special keepsakes. — L.T.