Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats
Tonya Stadler

Teddy Bear Artist

Thank you for visiting Stadler Fur Bears!

Stadler Fur Bears was started in 2002 in Woodruff Wisconsin and now operates in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Over the years I've enjoyed the challenge of creating a never-ending variety of fur teddy bears and have found it both rewarding and fulfilling. The most rewarding aspect is the joy it brings each one of you as you "unveil" your bears. I hope you'll find as much pleasure in the fur creations as I do.

I welcome your input on the designs and I'm always open to suggestions. Please let me know what you think. I look forward to sharing my fur bear creations with you.

Thank You,
Tonya Stadler

I was so excited I could barely wait to get the teddy bears out of the box. I had to call you immediately and let you know. The teddy bears turned out nicer than I ever expected. Your workmanship is fantastic. I'm so thrilled!

Thank You