Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats

Fur Teddy Bears
from Your Fur Coat
14" Bears From $280.00*
16" Bears From $295.00*

24" Bears From $335.00*

I absolutely love my bear! Can't tell you what a joy it is to have. A.L. was my Grandmother...she'd be thrilled!
C. C.

* Add $10 for Fox, Coyote, and Mouton.

Neck Tie for Fur Teddy Bear

Add a Neck Tie

How to Order Your Teddy Bear Made From Your Fur Coat or Your Faux Fur Coat

Ordering Process

It's simple...
1 - Email us with your contact information or fill out the Order Form below.
2 - We will contact you with further directions, when to fill out our Packing List and when to send your coat.

Please do not send your fur coat until we direct you to do so.

Once directed, return to this page to download and fill out our Packing List.
We will contact you with options once we've reviewed the condition of your coat.


Heirloom Fur Teddy Bear Order Form

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Select a Teddy Bear style :

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Handmade Heirloom Fur Teddy Bear from your fur coat:

$280.00* for each 14" Bear
$295.00* for each 16" Bear
$335.00* for each 24" Bear

* For Fox, Coyote, and Mouton $20 will be added.

Personalize your teddy bear. Check as many options as you would like:

Contrasting fur on nose & tummy - $25.00

Personalized Monogram, three letters - $20.00

Scarf from coat lining - $20.00

Bow from coat lining - $12.00

Fur collar from your fur - includes "fancy button" - $30.00

Fur collar from our fur (colors vary) - $35.00

Men's neck tie from your tie - $25.00
Men's neck tie from fur coat lining- $40.00

Leather "foot print" pads (Northwoods only) - $45.00


U.P.S. ground delivery - $17.00

Please let us know if you need quicker or special handling for your order.

Do you wish us to return your fur coat remnants?

Yes, please return my remnants.

Please click here to review our policies for possible extra charges for returning remnants.

How many bears would you like made from your fur coat?

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