Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fur does it take to make an heirloom fur teddy bear?

Fur garments come in many sizes and style. Also condition of the existing furs will impact the amount of usable furs. We will be able to tell you how many bears we can create from your fur once we've inspected it. Generally speaking you can use the following guidelines for a 16" fur teddy bear:

  • Fur Stole - 2 fur teddy bears
  • Fur Jacket - 3 to 4 fur teddy bears
  • Fur Coat - 5 to 6 fur teddy bears

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Can you make a fur teddy bear from a fur collar, hat or muff?

Due to the small size of fur collars, hats and muff there is usually not enough usable fur to make a fur teddy bear from them. But we can use fur from those items as contrasting accents when combined with our available fur stock to create a customized fur bear.

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When making an heirloom fur bear what do you do with the fur remnants?

We would be glad to return the remnants to you as requested. Please indicate if you wish the remnants to be returned when placing your order. Depending on factors such as the weight of the remnants or requested return shipping method there may be additional shipping charges for returning your remnants. We would be glad to let you know when you place your order. You can also email us or give us a call for further information.

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Do you have a quantity discount?

No. Each bear is a custom handmade teddy bear, as such we do not offer a quantity discount.

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If I only have one type of fur in my coat can I still get a heirloom bear made with contrasting fur?

Yes. We have many different fur types in stock to use as contrasting fur in your heirloom fur teddy bear. There is an additional charge when creating a contrasting pattern using our fur. Please see our Heirloom teddy bear order form for pricing and make that selection on the form when placing your order.

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Where do your furs come from?

Primarily our teddy bears are made from top quality recycled furs. Occasionally there may be small contrasting sections made from new fur. Quality furs have a long life and we always acquire and use recycled furs as the standard for our bears.

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How do I tell a quality fur teddy bear from a "cheap" one?

From the workmanship, the attention to detail and the quality of the fur. Click here to find out more about quality fur teddy bear construction.

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What size teddy bears and how many teddy bears can you make from my fur coat?

We offer three different sizes of teddy bears - 14", 16" and 24". The size of the fur teddy bear is determined by a number of factors. First is the number of bears you want to make from a single coat. The more teddy bears you want to make the smaller the bears have to be. Second, the size of the bears will depend on the quality of the fur—there may be worn places that can't be used. A third factor is the cut of the fur sections. Once we see the coat we will contact you with a determination of the size and quantity of bears we can make from your furs.

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Great job, I received the bear today and I just love it! I can't wait to give to my mother for her birthday. If you have enough fur left I would like you to make another one.
Thanks again,