Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats

Heirloom Teddy Bear Head/Body Design Styles

The chart below shows two different teddy bear styles you can choose from when ordering an heirloom teddy bear made from your fur coat. While every heirloom teddy bear is a custom work of art you can use this chart to help you in your general style selection.

Teddy Bear


Design Style


Tight Nap Fur Types

  • Persian Lamp
  • Mouton Lamb
  • Swakara
  • Sheared Beaver Fur

Medium Nap Fur Types

  • Mink Fur
  • Muskrat Fur
  • Fitch Fur
  • Sable Fur

Long Nap Furs Types

  • Beaver Fur
  • Opossum Fur
  • Raccoon Fur
  • Fox and Coyote Fur

Northwoods Style

  • Rounder head
  • Longer snout
  • Side positioned ears
  • Large feet

The Northwoods style is not recommended for tight nap furs.

Paw Style

  • "Teddy bear" snout
  • Top positioned ears
  • High forehead

Heirloom Fur Teddy Bear Sizes

One size doesn't always fit all, that's why we make three different sizes of fur teddy bears—14", 16" and our giant 24" teddy bear. That way you can pick which size will be "just right" for your fur teddy bear. The size of the fur teddy bear is also determined by the number of bears you want to make from a single coat, the quality of the fur—there may be worn places that can't be used and the cut of the fur sections. We're glad to look at your coat and then contact you with a determination of the size and quantity of bears we can make from your furs.