Stadler Fur Teddy Bears, real fur bears and heirloom teddy bears from fur coats
Stadler Fur Bears quality fur teddy bears from your heirloom coat

Stadler Fur Bears—Makers of Quality Real Fur Teddy Bears

What Makes a Quality Fur Teddy Bear?

Simply put... attention to detail, quality materials—and someone who knows both.

Attention to Detail

A Stadler Fur Bears Teddy Bear is second to none. Our name is on every bear and our quality is in every creation. We are proud to be a small cottage industry. We are not wholesalers, and we don't buy low cost "sweat shop" bears for resale. Each bear is lovingly handcrafted by us from the finest materials available. You can be sure quality workmanship and quality materials go into each teddy bear.

Quality Starts on the Inside

Our full-featured teddy bears include:

  • Fully jointed arms, legs and head
  • Fully lined and reinforced with backing for durability
  • German glass eyes
  • Velvet bow
  • Leather nose
  • Leather or ultra suede pads

Go ahead and compare the Stadler Fur Bears Teddy Bear with others and you'll quickly see the difference.

Quality Furs

We know fur. We evaluate each fur before we create a fur bear. Some furs are not suitable for a quality fur bear. We want our teddy bears to be lasting treasures, something to be proud of and will last for generations to come.

Others may make teddy bears from furs that are too dry and won't last or simply "chop up" a fur without considering how to best utilize it. We select the best pieces, disassemble the fur and integrate only the most suitable pieces into the teddy bears. Our fur bears are fully lined and reinforced with backing for durability.

At Stadler Fur Bears, Your Satisfaction is Our Goal!